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  该州的官员今年取消了每年4000000美元的老虎机收费,对赌场和切割表游戏收费从$ 6750000降低到$ 3000000。赌场同意花同样的传统业务费用,用来改善资本和债务减免。


  DOVER, Del. - Delaware's casino industry will be asking for more financial breaks when the General Assembly reconvenes next year.

  The head of the state's Video Lottery Advisory Council, a panel of industry officials, www.bozhidao.com said Tuesday that his priorities include cutting the state's share of slot machine and table game revenue.

  Dover Downs CEO Ed Sutor noted that Delaware casinos are taxed about 35 percent on table games, more than double Pennsylvania's rate and higher than the 20 percent rate proposed for table games in Maryland.

  State officials this year eliminated $4 million in annual slot machine fees paid by the casinos and cut table game fees from $6.75 million to $3 million. The casinos agreed to spend an equal amount on traditional business expenses such as marketing, capital improvements and debt reduction.

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