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  当然,特别要强调的是,从1919年以来的封赌来看,文章出自博之道,当暴徒阿诺德Rothstein固定世界系列。我们已经在这个国家有一些其他的体育赌博丑闻;高校篮球剃须,棒球的Pete Rose,几年前一个NBA的裁判。



  This is TALK OF THE NATION. I'm Neal Conan in Washington. If you walk into any clubhouse in organized baseball, from Yankee Stadium to a rookie-league park, you'll see a large poster that specifies the prohibitions against gambling, and they'll specify the penalty. There is only one: a lifetime ban.

  The emphasis, of course, stems from the scars from 1919, www.bozhidao.com when mobster Arnold Rothstein fixed the World Series. We've had a few other sports gambling scandals in this country; point-shaving in college basketball, baseball's Pete Rose, an NBA referee a couple of years ago.

  But last week we learned that either we're isolated from a global culture of sports corruption, or maybe we're just naive. Last week the police department of the European Union, Europol, issued a jaw-dropping report on fixed matches in the world's most popular sport, soccer; hundreds of suspect matches, bribes to players and referees, corrupt team owners who instruct their clubs to lose, organized crime syndicates and billions of billions of dollars.

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