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  Tyler Morris of Montague, Michigan, was in Biloxi, Mississippi, for a friend's funeral when he decided to play his late friend's favourite penny-slot game at Palace Casino Resort.

  According to the casino's website www.bozhidao.com, "Tyler, who typically plays craps, felt compelled to try his luck on the penny slot machine in memory of a friend whose funeral he attended earlier in the day. Tyler stated his friend enjoyed playing penny slots at the Palace, so he chose to visit the casino and play penny slots."Morris won $7,217,175.15 playing The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship progressive penny slot machine.

  "When asked what his first thought was after realizing he had won over $7 million dollars, Tyler said he felt his friend was watching over him and had blessed him with the big win. Tyler’s wife, Mary, commented they would pay off the new car they had just purchased earlier this week in order to be able to make the trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast," the casino's site reported.

  Tyler and Mary Morris said that with the winnings, www.bozhidao.com they'll also repair the roof of their business - they manufacture weather vanes and house numbers - and splurge on their children and grandchildren.

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