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  “我的客户正在试图找出他们的社交赌场游戏的策略,”她在Casual Connect Europe的采访谈话中说道。“社交博彩游戏虚拟货币规模较小,但它们是如此的重要,博彩业一直在寻找他们将在哪里找到下一个玩家。”


  Casino companies and investors poured more than $2.2 billion into acquisitions of social casino games companies in the past year or so. And while investment values have sunk, the acquisitions have turned out to be good ones.

  In fact, those deals have turned out so well that the social casino game boom is likely to continue as the online gambling, land-based casinos, and social casino games converge into a single industry, said Brock Pierce , the chief executive of casino game maker Playsino, at the Casual Connect Europe event.

  Social casino games monetize at about twice the rate of other casual games. www.bozhidao.com The only segment that generates more revenue per user is midcore games, but the numbers of social casino game players is far higher.

  “The casino businesses have come to recognize that and want to know how to get in on that business,” Pierce said.

  Melissa Blau, a gambling consultant at iGaming Capital, advises land-based casinos on how to move into online gambling and social casino games. She represents around eight different casino groups. She confirmed Pierce’s assessment.

  “My clients are trying to figure out their social casino gaming strategy,”www.bozhidao.com she said in her own talk at Casual Connect Europe. “Social casino virtual currency games are smaller, but they are so important, the gambling industry is always looking for where they will find the next players.”

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