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  A man in his early 40s, who doubles up as a farmer and a transporter, caused a stir at a village in Kirinyaga County when he offered his wife in exchange for a gambling debt after losing his money and prime assets.

  The incident, which happened two weeks ago, however, www.bozhidao.com almost ended tragically when the man turned around later and, wielding a razor-sharp machete, resisted his wife to be taken away by his creditor.

  The industrious man owns an ox-cart that he uses to carry goods and luggage, but unfortunately, most of his earnings end up in gambling.

  His addiction has, on several occasions, caused strife in his home when he sold household properties to get money to gamble.

  Chicken“Sometimes he gambles with items that are in the house and I only see the winners coming to cart this or that away.

  There is nothing I can do to stop them,www.bozhidao.com hence we keep losing our chicken, farm produce and other household goods,” his wife told Crazy Monday.

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