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  作为一个青少年,当我们想要随波逐流的时候,都想要得到父母的批准, “每个人都是这么做的!“这应该是一个父母的心让青少年参与一些活动的全部结果还不得而知。在与父母之间有观点分歧的时候,都会总结为这样一句话 “你不想让我有快乐。”这两个最常见的青少年的问题一直延续到成年,可以看到生活在政治体。



  In the early stages of a habit (habit becomes a tradition followed by an addiction), we are usually under the impression we can control anything that happens. Humans are unique among all the creatures on earth in that we have a free will. We have the ability to make choices in our free will. It is this independent nature that will get us in trouble almost every time. We often find that we roam or make decisions in groups.

  As a teen we often say to our parents when wanting their approval to go with the crowd, “Everybody is doing it!” That is supposed to move a parent’s heart to allow the teen to be involved in some activity where the full outcome is yet to be known. The final word on this issue in an argument with a parent usually goes something like this, “You just don’t want me to have fun.” Those two most often used adolescent arguments carry over into adulthood, and can be seen living out in the body politic.

  As the General Assembly deals with moral issues, www.bozhidao.com there is always the argument of “Everybody is doing it already.” As in the case of increased gambling or expanding the outlets and hours for booze sales, that argument is always used to convince others it is the right thing to do. If that does not work, someone always reminds that those who oppose the continuing slide into a moral pit out of which it is hard to climb, that those folks are just against having fun and for that reason alone, their argument for sane choices is not valid. As I listened to the three hours of debate in the Georgia Senate last week to expand gambling in Georgia, I was once again made aware the arguments never change.

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