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  Online poker and casino games are two completely different animals. This is true when it comes to state and federal gaming laws, as well as public perception. Online poker also needs liquidity that is irrelevant to casino games. Placing its language into an online gambling bill is not going to help online poker’s cause.

  There is a great argument for regulating online poker at the federal level. Most states will need to merge player pools to have any chance of long term success in terms of revenue. Interstate player pools can also be considered an item covered by the Commerce Clause, which gives the federal government the right to regulate interstate commerce. The addition of casino games into this scenario in pointless.

  Casino games do not require any sort of interstate player pool. It seems likely that most casino players will choose to play slot machines or video poker. Most other casino games will also not need the help of player pools from other states. One could argue that multi player blackjack games are more fun for players, but this is something most participants will be willing to give up in exchange for simply playing their favorite house game.

  Adding casino games also gives ammunition to gambling opponents. www.bozhidao.com There can be an argument made that poker is a pastime that is played much like a skill game where the house has little or no interest in the outcome. This all changes when a player is betting directly against the house where the casino holds a clear mathematical edge.

  Reid/Kyl Bill Also Took Wrong Approach

  Reid/Kyl did not have the right approach either. An outright ban on states offering casino games is not a way to convince governors and state lotteries to support federal online gambling. Governors and lotteries opposed this measure due to this language, even if there was no immediate intention to legislate online casino games. States still want this right and arguably it is available to them under the Tenth Amendment.

  The correct compromise is to address the liquidity issues of online poker in a federal bill, while at the same time leaving casino games up to states and their lotteries, www.bozhidao.com without any prohibitions or restrictions. Any bill that fails to do this will not be taken seriously. It gives a reason for the anti gambling lobby to oppose it, while at the same time giving little motivation for the pro gambling side to support it.

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