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  DOVER - 在上周二特拉华州的赌场业报道上指出,在国家的3赌博场所开设的槽机和表游戏,由于区域竞争而进一步下降,但高管表示希望,一个新的授权状态检讨面板将在明年考虑减轻该行业的税收负担。



  森特说,马里兰州生活! - 这是到目前为止该州最大的赌场 - 尚未开放的扑克桌,他预计当它是一个很大的打击。




  森特说,他预计新的合同将提高供应商费用的10%或以上,这将花费赌场额外800万至$ 10万一年。


  DOVER - Delaware’s casino industry on Tuesday reported further declines in slot machine and table game play at the state’s three gambling venues due to regional competition, but executives expressed hope that a newly authorized state review panel will consider lessening the industry’s tax burden next year.

  Video Lottery Advisory Council Chairman Ed Sutor, CEO of Dover Downs casino, said slots play statewide was down 16 percent in the first six months of 2013 compared to the same period last year, and table game play fell nearly 18 percent over the same span.

  Slots declines have begun easing off in recent months from a low point in February, Sutor said, showing the losses incurred after the opening of the new Maryland Live! casino in Anne Arundel County last May are beginning to level off. However, Delaware table game play has fallen precipitously since April, when Maryland casinos unveiled their tables.

  Sutor said Maryland Live! -www.bozhidao.com by far that state’s biggest casino - has yet to open its poker tables and he expects a big hit when it does.

  “They’ll probably be one the largest poker operations on the East Coast,” Sutor told the advisory council, which is made up of casino executives, state gaming vendors and lottery officials.

  Bill Fasy, president of Delaware Park casino, called his venue’s situation “unstable and uncertain.”

  Sutor also said the industry is bracing for what is sure to www.bozhidao.com be an increase in the percentage of profits casinos pay to vendors that provide gambling machines and equipment. Currently, vendors are paid 6 percent of total gambling revenues.

  Sutor said he expects new contracts will raise vendor fees by 10 percent or more, which would cost the casinos an additional $8 million to $10 million a year.

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